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Flee!!! Run for your life!!!! Sexual purity is very important!!!

I know we are so familiar with this phrase but I want us to check this scripture… 1thess 4:2-5

Vs2 “for ye know what commandments we gave you by the Lord Jesus.

Vs 3 For this is the WILL OF GOD, even your SANCTIFICATION, that ye should ABSTAIN from FORNICATION.


Vs NOT in the LUST of CONCUPISCENCE, even as the gentiles which know not GOD.

Glory to Jesus!

As you check this scriptures fire would have been burning in your heart because you just saw that it is the WILL OF GOD to be sexual pure and sanctified.

But let us examine these scriptures together and the Holy Spirit will touch our heart with the pure fire and yokes will be broken instantly in Jesus name! Amen

I want us to check a word in Verse 3 and we would examine verse 4 today and we would pray our heart to God.

Vs 3” for this is the WILL OF GOD, even your SANCTIFICATION, that ye should ABSTAIN from FORNICATION.

The word is ABSTAIN

Let us break that word down

AB – means away from and we have STAIN
From a crude meaning it means away from STAIN, hmmm it means immorality is a STAIN, so it can taint the image of a woman or a man, so it is the WILL OF GOD, to come out of that STAIN, and stay away from that STAIN, so we need to ABSTAIN.

Here is the dictionary meaning of ABSTAIN.
“To restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something.”
That means to deliberately and intentionally stop yourself from something that you know would kill you but comes with pleasure! E.g that is to stop yourself from drinking a sweet poison, though very sweet but very poisonous and deadly.
Other words for ABSTAIN is
Desist, abandon, refuse, decline.
To abandon what will kill you
To decline to sleep with that lady
To refuse to commit immorality
To desist from masturbation
To refuse to sleep with that man or lady
To decline pornography

This is a brief of what that word ABSTAIN means, to deliberately and intentionally stop doing or reject something that would give you deadly pleasure.

This is the will of God for every believer to live in true holiness and righteousness

A many have fallen short of this standard, but Christ is calling us to a life of total purity and holiness which is very possible!

It starts with committing your life to him and reading his word day and night until it becomes totally part of you!

Now before I proceed further ask God to forgive you and tell him to come into your life and take total control again!

God bless you, it is settled
We quickly check verse 4
“That every one of you should KNOW HOW to POSSESS his VESSEL in SANCTIFICATION and HONOUR;

What a deep scripture! Wow
So everyone of us SHOULD Know HOW
So you know what strategy works for you
So you know what to do so as not to fall short
So you should know your body so well that you know your boundaries and you know how to tame your body when you start having some vibes all around you!
So you know what movies to watch and what not to watch!
So you know what friends what keep which not to keep.
So you should know your body limitations and all.
Wow very deep

Yes know how to tame your body with his word and how to have SELF CONTROL.

A woman or man without self control would be destroyed Soonest.

So the bible wants us to “know how”
You must “know how” to POSSESS your body in SANCTIFICATION and HONOUR.


I want us to ponder on this word


It means to deny one’s self, this was what Jesus said, if any man would follow me, let him deny himself,

That is you must know how to say NO to your emotions and feelings that draws toward immorality and other vices
You must allow the HOLY Spirit work in your life so you become an holy and pure VESSEL.
I wish I could talk about that word vessel but no time, but I want you to digest these words today
2.know how

Let it ring in your spirit and ask God to help you enter into this realm in JESUS name

Bow your heads and Pray to the Lord!

God bless you!

Your brother
Dr. Abraham Ajagunna

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